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Sound Quality

I currently play A Jackson/Charvel reverse Dinky thru the RP-1 in to a mixing board and into a PA amp. Sound is only OK. There is a ton of noise on distortion patches (even the ones I created myself) the noise gate takes care of that but kiss sustain goodbye. With that said clean patches sound great. I really dig the delays and reverbs too. Even for an older unit the clean settings really sound good. Also the warmer softer ditortions sound ok for blue playing. But still, I like to rock and the distortions aren't really that great. I can never seem to get enough crunch effect.


No here is where I have trouble with this unit. First off, I bought this thing around 10 - 12 years ago. It still works so thats a plus but in that span of years I have lost all my user preset patches twice. And that is NOT a good thing considering the amount of time it takes to scroll thru all the parameters and revise them. After the first time I actually wrote all the settings down. But it was still a chore to re-enter them. Secondly, This thing gets WAY hotter than you would expect an electronic device to get after a 6 or 7 hour jam. Which I imagine has somethign to do with the next problem area. Lastly, this thing has a tendency to freak the heck out! Seriously I'll be playing and look down and all the LEDs and the display will be blinking like mad. A good swift kick, generally, puts things back in an ordered mannor. Which is actually why I am missing several of the pedals. Even after all these "issues" I have to still give this a relatively high mark as we are talking about a 12 year old device... And I'm still using it.

General Comments

Well I'm giving this thing a 5 because I'd have to say that if I had a choice I would have picked something different way back when. But its been alright and hasn't caught on fire and burned down any night clubs.


I'm in the market for something new which is why I found this site to begine with and thought I'd share my thoughts for anyone else out there looking for a multieffects processor.


I'f your a newcomer to effects and playing guitar, this may be a good unit to startwith, but I wouldn't take it on tour as you may end up in the middle of a set, kicking your equipment... and that is not a fun situation...


I think I'm looking at getting the Boss GT-6, it seems to have relatively good reveiws, but the proof is in the pudding and I wont know for sure which one I want till I go to the store and test drive each one.


Cheers and keep-on rockin!

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