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Sound Quality

This was my first distortion pedal and I recently dug it up to compare to my TS7. It blows the TS7 away. It has a lot more bottom end and better sculpting ability. It's too noisy in the boost section but just before it it yields a creamy marshall like grind reminicent of an 80's VH tone. True, it does kind of give you a ss sound and it seems to compress a little too much, but overall its pretty good.


It wants to short out around the boost area but I dont use that part anyway. I couldnt believe it worked at all still.

General Comments

I think all these people that are shooting this down have their distortion turned all the way up. Also, I haven't used this at high volumes yet which might reveal more problems. Also, I would imagine that QC wasn't a high priority at the time of manufacture, being that it was such a low priced pedal, so it's quite possible that tone could vary drastically from unit to unit.

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