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Sound Quality

Has that LP crunch and sounds somewhat dark. Limited tones until I rewired the pickups with 4 conductor wire and switched out the tone pots for push/pull 500K in a series/parallel config. Now I get much more variety without noise. Sounds brighter in parallel. Overall, very rich and LP like. Nice and quiet through my Cyber-Twin. Also sounds great through a Jones tube amp. I play blues based Rock mostly & some alternative and metal and occaisonally some jazz. It fits well with most of what I play that works with LP tones. I'll keep my Strats for those tones! I give it an 8 until my mods which take it to 10.


I changed out the hardware as it was a bit cheap. I added TonePros bridge & tailpiece and some locking Schallers for tuning stability. I also added a Earvana nut and Dunlop straploks. After all that, I still have a gig-able axe at a very affordable price. The finish seems very durable. It is an EXCELLENT intro guitar that can be made into a professional instrument without breaking the bank. From the factory, I give it a 8, but after my mods, I give it a 10. Gigging without a backup is dumb. Why jam with Murphy? Anything can happen! I don't care what guitar you have! Even a PRS can break!

General Comments

I've been playing of and on for almost 40 years. Mostly for my own enjoyment, but I have gigged. I have numerous other guitars, Strats, LPs, SGs, Jackson Soloist and Dinky types. If it were stolen, I'd get another. I chose this guitar because it reminds me of my LP junior but more beautiful! The build quality is as good as much more expensive guitars. Granted the hardware isn't as good, but can easily be replaced as the parts are standard. I didn't have to modify the guitar body or peghead to upgrade it.

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