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Sound Quality

Huge difference in sound between neck and bridge p/u. Neck is full and rich, usable for jazz and the like. Bridge is pretty shrill, but one could probably get some sort of surf sound out of it. This might make for a versatile guitar, except that the bridge pickup has a much weaker signal than the neck p/u. This, combined with the single master volume control (and two tone controls that don't appear to do much), pretty much forbid switching p/u's on the fly without stepping on/off a boost pedal at the same time. Obviously, voicing both p/u's at once sounds almost exactly like the neck p/u alone. When distorted, it starts howling from feedback pretty much at bedroom volume. So, rate it a decent 8 for the clean jazz tone, and a low 2 for everything else, making it a 6 on average.


I can't imagine using this guitar live - it would feed back like a mother and then the neck pickup would die on me. Interesting to see which pieces would fall off first, though.


General Comments

Overall, this is a very cool-looking, but nearly useless piece of kit, mainly due to the quirky and unreliable electricals.


One could convert it to a reasonable jazz/blues guitar by swapping p/u's, switches and pots, and converting it to a 2 volume, 1 tone control scheme. That would still leave some structural/feedback issues, and it would be cheaper to buy a Korean hollowbody instead.


Keeping it for sentimental reasons and cool looks only. If it were lost, I would probably manage quite nicely with my other guitars, thank you.

Reviewer's Background

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