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Sound Quality

I can get most any sound I want. I ignore all the factory presets. Play it direct into my mackie board for small gigs and into my tube marshall combo for larger venues. We play a wide variety of music country, to classic rock, punk and alternative. If you have brains you can get most any sound out of it. prefer going thru


After three years the pedals became a problem. Have taken the unit apart several times. Seems that the board bends after considerable use and I've had to prop it up inside the case to get the switch on the modulation pedal and tuner to engage properly. Oh yeah the power cord sucks. I step on it broke it and had to rewire it my self

General Comments

I bought it new cause I was gigging in a variety of bands and needed

something small and basic to work with without all those pedals and

effects units wired. This thing did the trick. I have used it constantly since 1997 with numerous styles. Probably will by another

one used if this breaks down

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