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Sound Quality

I had one of these back in '93', combined w/ Marshall's Valvestate 80 watt power amp and 4x12 stereo cab this rig was fantastic. I used it midi'd together with an Art stereo fx unit and the sounds were phenominal for the modern country style I was playing at the time. The speaker cab emulator is worth it's weight in gold. It keeps the soundman from screwing up your tone. I've heard other guitarists using the same rig and the front of house sound is very impressive. The only thing I didn't love about it was it can't do a great clean Fender sound. If that doesn't matter to you, you should try one out.


Was very road worthy, used 4-6 nights per week.

General Comments

I use a Hot Rod Deville now. It's easier to move and it does what I want it to do extremely well. I'll always have a soft spot for the JMP-1 though. I like the Plexi overdrives, but imo all the tones are useful. The only thing they could do better is improve the clean tones so you can dial in a little of that Kieth Richards grit. You can dial back the overdrive for something close though, but I guess if you want that tone you probably ought to buy a Fender. Also a little pricey imho.

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