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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a epiphone les paul with a seymour duncan jb humbucking pickup in the bridge, and a schecter c1 plus with humbuckers. I play alot of metal, classic rock and some blues. This amp isnt exactly a great metal amp. the high gain modles seem like a blanket is over the speaker, they are kind of lifeless. This amp doesnt seem to really come alive like others when playing with alot of distortion ( the tones are amazing though) I found the cleans on this amp to be outstanding, i can get a great clapton or SRV tone with this. Great for blues and some classic rock.


Vox could have really had a great amp if they would have gone the extra mile to make it reliable. My ad50vt broke down 2 DAYS after getting it!!! i hadnt even turned the volume past a halfway. The knobs and input jack seemed flimsy and poorly built. I returned it for a different amp because it just doesnt seem like it would ever be reliable. I wouldnt recommend this for a back up amp at a gig, it could break up or have somehting go wrong. the bad reliability pulls this amp way down.

General Comments

Ive been playing for about 2 years, i own a crate glx30 amp and a rocktron replitone 2X12 amp. guitars: yamaha c40 classical guitar, epiphone les paul, schecter c1 plus. If it were stolen i would choose a different amp, possibly a roland cube 60. I love the effects, clean tones, classic rock tones, and effects. i hated the uk 80's mode and the high gain mode, both sounded poorly. If you like clean to classic rock stuff and dont mind possibly having reliability problems ( they all dont have problems, just some) then id give this amp a shot. if your into anything heavy at all go by a roland cube 60.

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