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Sound Quality

Now, people sit here and bag this pedal out on sound quality. I too hated it when i first bought it. I have two guitars, a les paul and a american strat and it sounds great on the strat, and ok on the gibson. i find if you set the dials to about (L to R) 12oclock, 1.5oclock, 3oclock, and a tiny bit past 12 on the dist. This will give you a beefy sound suitible for lots of stuff on the strat, particularly joe satriani. For the gibson it sounds great on the bridge pickup. For the neck, play with the tone and volume on your guitar to adjust it. I think it sounds great with these settings.


Boss, i was originally going to use this pedal to throw through the window of another shop to get a better pedal, but i found this ones secrets of tone.

General Comments

Its a pretty good pedal for satch type stuff, and its really good for leads. If you want to ask me anything about the pedal, or some sound examples, ill be glad to give them to you. frankc-taco@powerup.com.au

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