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Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez RGR270DX with DiMarzio pickups (Air Norton and Steve's Special) on a Peavy Bandit 112 solid state (80 watt RMS). The Korg sounds pretty cool with a variety of sound and no noise (thanks to noise suppressor): I love Metallica and I can create their sound easily also if I sound a lot of metal, hard rock and so on... Anyway all effects seems very good to me and satisfy my needs.


I use it on gigs and whrn I sound with my band in our garage. I think it's a "must have" pedal.

General Comments

I usually play metal, hard rock and grunge (and many others) and it's definitely a good match. I play with it from 2 years ago and every day i find a new reason to use it everywhere. I've tried many others gears and this one match perfectly my needs and my taste. If it was stolen or lost maybe I'll try something else like Boss GT-6 ($$$$). I love all it's features and distortion and there isn't something really hated. It's a wonderful piece of hardware at a really good street price. Buy it and you'll never regret :-)

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