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Sound Quality

With this amp, I use a epiphone dot and a squier jagmaster, both guitars having 2 humbuckers each. I play blues, jazz, rock, and even some classical. This amp can go from one genre from another with ease. I usually play in a small to medium sized room, so the 30 watts are perfect. I never have to turn up the volume past 50 percent. Personally, I think this amp is comparable with a clean marshall or almost even a fender (not quite a fender amp) I love the sound of the crate gx30M


It's never had any problems and I've played this amp for two years

General Comments

I love this amp. If it were stolen, I would probably buy another crate amp, but it would probably be an crate amp with some more digital effects. I still think that this amp is as good as any other amp below a fender amp like the cyber-twin.

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