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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

OK, here is where the rubber meets to road. Do I give it a 10 based on it's price/performance ratio, or should I judge it on sound quality alone regardless of price? If you check out some of the gear pages ( other than HC ) out there, the Bad Monkey is getting some great press from seasoned players who have the boutique/vintage/keeley/am modded stuff...so they know their tone imo. I actually bought mine when they first came out before all the hub-bub started. I didn't care for mine to begin with. I tried it out a few times, but found it rather flat and fizzy sounding compared to my other o/d pedals...so I stuck it back in the box and forgot about it till all the posts started flying. From reading the posts, many people stated how the treble and bass controls set this pedal apart from other offerings out there. Pulled the ape back out and started tweaking the b&t knobs and it really opened up the tone. I prefer the low gain tones over the high gain, but I do believe that is what the pedal was designed for. Still, for a $40 pedal, it get's an 11. As a stand alone, I'll give it an 8. I lucked out and got mine for $26, so I feel blessed. Run into another o/d pedal, really sets the sparks a flying.


General Comments

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