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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I am very happy with the sound this amp produces. I have an all-mahogany Epiphone SG with Dimarzio Evolution pickups.  My neck pup is split using a push-pull pot, so I get both humbucker and single coil sounds from that. I think this configuration is a very good one for the 80X.

I love the Dyna amp model the most. It is wonderfully expressive, and the tone changes entirely with your attack. I like the acoustic model the least. It sounds OK, but not very much like an acoustic guitar to my ears.  The JC Clean  model is great, and similar to the JC-120, which I have also played through. However, the Cube 80x is no JC-120, largely due to it not being stereo (unlike the JC-120).

I would compare the sound favorably with lower end all tube amps, and every hybrid amp I have heard.  There are some wonderful YouTube demos of the 80X (Alex Hutchings is one), and they fairly portray the sounds you can get out of the amp (if you play like Alex, of course).

Other nice amp models include the Tweed (based on the Fender Tweed Bassman 4x10) and the Classic Stack (Marshall JMP 1987).

I disagree that it is difficult to obtain great tone from this amp, given a good match of pickups. That is not to criticize anyone's pickups, just to say that pickups and amps combine in mysterious ways.


This is as solid as a it gets, folks.


General Comments

Love this amp! It can easily power a  2x12 or 4x12 speaker cabinet, and I will probably add one (Mesa) in the future for some gigs, or run this direct through the PA (special COSM amp circuit for recording or connection to PAs). I am even considering purchasing another 80x and playing through two of them in stereo.


So the tone/sound compares well to lower to medium tube amps. But... it is more reliable, more flexible and versatile than higher-end amps (and of course much cheaper).

Reviewer's Background

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