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Sound Quality

I got this tank (used) to use it just for screating some effects, intro, outro .. and all those other small stuffs you know. To my surprise, this one sounded far above my expectation; which was pretty low. I compared this to the yellow Ibanez FL9. The Ibanez is a bit clearer, but for the things I'm going to do with it, this will do. So I pick this one. Will put it in a true bypass loop to avoid too much tone deterioration.


Mine's used, stamped on, who knows? It still works, no clicks, no rare sound, etc. So I guess I won't need any backups for this.

General Comments

Mine's made in Japan. I saw another BF-2 which was made in Taiwan and the difference in sound is audible. Possibly because mine's used. Surely Boss makes good products in Taiwan, but it's worth trying a Japanese BOSS whenever you have the chance.

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