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Sound Quality

i have this hooked up to an avatar 4x12 with eminence speakers i use a p-90 equipped guitar which is incredibly midrangey through either channel. With no midrange control, I've come to this solution--i plug into input "1" of the bass channel, bridge input 2 of the bass channel to input 1 of the guitar channel. turn the treble all the way down on the bass channel (and leave bass at 10), turn the bass all the way down on the guitar channel (treble at 6 or 7). I then control bass and treble with the channel volumes. I "bypass" the master volume by leaving it at 10--as many have pointed out, the master volume circuit is horrible; I'd only use it for drive if I wanted to clear the room. Anyway, I can incredibly pleasing clean tone, and if I turn up a bit more, excellent slight overdrive. i've never tried it with the volumes wide open; I've never gone past 4 or 5 on volume, even on stage at 100-200 person venues with no micing. If you need more power than this, you're either playing Shea with no PA, or you've got tinnitus. in conjunction with a Rat pedal, this amp covers a lot of area. Does what I want it to do, and it's a joy to play through. i've played/am playing in jazz, indiepop and garage-punk bands.


when i got it, the power tube sockets were worn and loose. I replaced those (and added power tube retainers), stuck in a 3 prong cord, got a cap job, and after a year of regular playing (2 practices a week, 2 or 3 shows a month), no problems. and if it does break down, i have no worries--any competent tech should be able to fix one of these.

General Comments

for what it is, and how it sounds, this amp was a great decision. I'd definitely get another one if it were stolen or destroyed. Workhorse amp.

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