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Sound Quality

First off, you really have to have a semi decent bass amp to actually get this thing to work. It generates very low subharmonics, but on a cheap 20watt amp it may sound like a buzz, it needs big speakers and power to come across. On a bass amp of at least 100 watts with the MEAT control at 12 oclock it will definitly add thumpage and ultra low end to your tone. I normally have RUMP (30Hz) maxed out and FLANK at 2 oclock for a perfect boost in low end. For a really subtle sub harmonic enhancment I put MEAT at 10-11 oclock. If you push MEAT past 12 oclock your dry signal starts to drop off quite fast and all you are left with is the sub harmonic signal which does not sound that great by itself on the E and A strings becuase it is not perfectly defined, but works OK as a Synth type bass on the higher strings. This box really shines in live situations through a really powerful amp (300w+) or through a powerful PA with a SUB. With MEAT at 12 oclock and RUMP boosted you will just shake the entire building. It does not seem to work as well with direct recording. The box really seems to need to go through a big speaker to reach its potential. It will make even the cheasiest cheap ass bass sound enormous and fat. Well worth it if you can find one.


General Comments

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