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Sound Quality

Oh my god... It seems that the cheaper the equipment is, the dumber the people that get attracted to it... No offence. If I look at reviews on a Soldano, Diesel, Engl, and the better Mesa's (even some better Marshalls) I see honest, thought-out reviews that reflect knowledge and experience. Here, aside from a few exceptions, I see kids blurting out opinions that make me wonder why they all mention "i've been playing for 15 years" in their reviews... I see somebody calling Mesa Boogie "high gain fuzz amps"... Ever heard Dream Theater? I see people saying "only Mesa and Marshall make any worthy pre-amps"... Ever heard of Rivera, Bogner, Engl, Soldano, VHT, Diesel, and god knows what I forgot? I see people saying that the combination of lesser tubes and a heap more circuitry is the future of valve sound. The fact that he can't resist writing in caps all the time and the fact that this unreliable "futuristic circuitry" seems to be the only big downside of the jmp (other than taste in sound) don't really help him strengthen his point of view either.... I wonder... Why do some people come online and post reviews? Just to rant "my gear is the best"? Fine, if you think so. But it has occurred to me that especially on cheaper gear, kids have to come online and yell out to the world that their cheap new toy is indeed better than anything Rivera, Bogner and Soldano have ever produced. But somebody that purchases THIS unit, and then claims that Mesa's are fuzz amps, I'm sorry, but I pity you.


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