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Sound Quality

I use this pedal with all my guitars throlugh all my amps. Most usual rig is either my American Standard Tele or Les Paul DeLuxe through my old MusicMan 212 amp. The BF2 does a good job with whatever gtr/amp combination I use, though. It's only noisy if I have the gain turned up on the amp, but then that's analogue technology, and if you dislike it, I suggest you use digital stuff with no warmth or personality. I don't bother using the BF2 to emulate the tones other people get. I usually set it with knobs one and four at zero, and the two middle knobs anywhere I feel like it. To me, the resonance sounds ugly (someone else here calls it "metallic", well, that's how it's supposed to sound, you pillock). If I was tasteless enough to want an aircraft-landing sound, I could get it easily, but at the above settings, I get a thick, warm chorus. It helps me to get a lovely shimmering effect, perfect for the powerpop I used to play, but I don't use it so much for the blues I now play.


Like all Boss stompboxes, it's a tank. Throw it around and it'll come up smiling. It's the only flanger I'll need, so no I have no back-up, it's always dependable. Someone below said that Boss no longer makes it. Stupid gits, have they never heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

General Comments

I've been playing for over 30 years, and used various guitars/amps, and the BF2 has sounded good with them all. I think it's a good work-horse flanger. If it was stolen, I'd try and replace it with another BF2, though if the BF3 is okay, I'd take that. I use it every week playing on the worship team at my church, but it's not suitable for my blues. I'll never get rid of it though.

Many years ago, when I first bought my previous BF2 in London, I tried out every different flanger I could find in all the music stores there, and the Boss was the cheapest AND the most versatile. It was the best quality one, too.

I can't think of anything I wish it had, as it always does what I need it to.

By the way, the helpful people at this web site have added a spellcheck option for those of you who can't spell or form a grammatically correct sentence. Please use the thing. Most of these reviews read as if they were typed by apes.

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