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Sound Quality

The sound of this thing is pretty lame. Much worse than I remember, but I guess this is understandable after being used to using better quality distortion for so many years. The sustain is pretty weak compared to what I've been used to. One nice thing it has to offer is that it rekindles some old memories of what it was like when I was younger and first started playing guitar, but after the reminiscing is over I'm still left wondering how on earth I ever coped with this lousy sound for so long back then. I guess it was a case of not knowing anything better at the time. Well, time certainly changes things. Stylistically I guess this pedal would work good for people who were into the early 90s sloppy grunge rock style. It doesn't work that great for Metal though, when playing Metal you definitely need something more powerful than this.


As for the pedal's reliability, well...it's still working after 13 years, so I guess I can't complain there. I just wish I could say the same thing about my beloved effects processer :)

General Comments

I remember for a short time I had a pedal called The ''Death Metal Pedal''. I remember that one had a much better and more powerful sound. My advice to Metal fans would be to find one of those instead.

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