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Sound Quality

My setup is a Epiphone Les Paul and a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10. I bought this pedal after reading the review directly below. I fiddled with this pedal a tad, and got some decent flange+chorus sounds out of it, but that wasn't really my goal. I opened it up and fiddled with the pots, and immediately tried to get the analog sine wave the guy below was talking about. Its awesome. It took me a minute or so to get it to work, and I was able to get some interesting textures out of it. This is great if you wanna add variety to your setup, cause this will definitly give you some non-guitar noises. You can control the pitch and LFO on the pedal, so if you want you can be like Johnny Greenwood and crouch down and play with your pedals on stage.


its boss, seems reliable, even after opening it.

General Comments

Got this pedal and it gave me exactly what I wanted, non guitar analog noise. The flange effects are really good as well, and I'll probably buy another one and leave that one alone for flange effects.

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