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Sound Quality

my current setup is pretty basic, I run a epiphone SG400 lefthand version into a old solidstate laney linebacker 65W I rely on distorion pedals as the laney distortion is crap. This was my first distortion pedal, brought on a tight budget, at the time my beginner ears thought it sounded pretty good but now I know better. This pedal gives a mushey sort of overdrive sound, I find it has very little definition, even with endless tweaking of the knobs it still either sounds too muffled or too buzzy and harsh. I play mainly punk and hardcore and find this pedal is useless for any fast sort of riffs as the notes all just get blended together. My favourite use for this pedal is to just max the gains on everything and go for some wacked out sounds, kind of a limited use.


havent had any problems with it, though the footswitch doesnt seem quite as sound as the boss ones

General Comments

overall I wouldnt recommend this pedal unless you are a beginner and can pick one up real cheap, it might sound better than a crappy amp distortion, but only just. I have hardly touched this thing since I got a boss HM-2 not that the HM-2 is all that brilliant either, its just clearer and heavier

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