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Sound Quality

I like to play old-timey, gospel and bluegrass styles - this mando does the job for me! It's as good as anything up to the $800 price range, and I tried Morgan Monroe Collector's Series and Michael Kelly Dragonfly. Not quite as loud a bark as the all solid wood units, but for the price it's got a nice, woody yelp.


I am a hobbyist, and so far this mando is holding up just fine. I haven't had it out in the woods yet, but I'm gonna bring it camping with me and I'm sure it will handle the elements. The hardware is ok, definitely not Schaller quality but it stays in tune as well as a mandolin can. I'd love to replace the tailpiece with an Allan, but for the money what comes on this mandolin works pretty well. The finish seems to be taking my play ok, but like I said, I make sure to wipe it down everytime. The last unit I had took a thumbprint and held onto it, to the point that I couldn't buff it out by hand. This finish is not like laquer where you can spray polish on it.

General Comments

I've been playing mandolin a little over 2 years, guitar for over 25 years. I own an Epiphone MM30 A-style mandolin, and Epiphone PR-100na acoustic guitar and a beginner banjo. This is my nices instrument right now! I might consider the Michael Kelly Dragonfly if this were lost or stolen, but right now I love my Kentucky mando! It's nice low action plays like a dream, making slides and hammer ons a little easier for me as a beginner, and I love it's nice woody bark. I mostly bought this because it sounded better for $300-$400 less.

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