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Sound Quality

I used to use this to control an ART SGX 2000 Express. It was an ideal set-up, except for the thin, processed sound of the SGX. I recently tried, and bought a Behringer GMX212 combo amp with midi in for effects control. Since the X-15 produces no sound, this'll have to get the big N/A


Built like a tank, except for it's main weak point- The thin strips under the expression peadals. the tiny lines on the left pedal have worn off, leaving the pedal inconsistent and near useless. I might gig without a backup, until I can get a Behringer FCB1010. then the X-15 will become the backup.

General Comments

For controlling ART gear, I'd give it a 10. For the Behringer GMX212 I'm using now, a 5. For the GMX212,program changes work well, and the remainging usable expession pedal controls the wah in the amp beautifully. The X-15 will NOT produce program change commands above 120, so I can't use it to change channels or switch effects on and off. I also can't activate the GMX's built-in tuner, because the commands for these are all above 120. Bummer!

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