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Sound Quality

Here's the problem I had with this unit (I say had because I decided to trade the unit after having it for a while). This unit is simply too noisy with my gear. I have a Traynor YCV40 (2 X 10) which is really a quiet tube amp. I have a strat with DiMarzio Heavy Blues and Vintage Blues pickups (no noise) and an Epiphone Sheraton II that I put Seymour Duncan JB and a 59 in (again, no noise). If I tried to boost the mids or the treble bands with this EQ pedal, I got hiss through my amp. I had the exact same experience James had below. I took the pedal back to the store I brought it from. We hooked up three differnt GE-7's through a Fender Twin they had. All three had the same hiss and white noise. I ended up trading for a TS-9. The store staff was surprised by this noise, but they certainly couldn't defend the units. The guy suggested a Noise Suppresor, but I wasn't too keen on spending more money on more pedals. I had purchased the GE-7 originally to see how it would be to boost the mids on my BD-2. So, the TS-9 is what I was after anyway. The GE-7 was good for scooping the mids, but I don't play too much heavy metal, so didn't need that. It was even noisy (but not too much) with my Martin DGE16 through a Genz Benz Shenandoah acoustic amp. After I noticed that, I was pretty convinced the noise is coming from the pedal.


It's a Boss, I think they are reliable. I have the BD-2 and the Compressor - CS-3. They have been very reliable.

General Comments

I liked it, but didn't like the noise and hiss. Did add some character and depth to my tone. Wish it had worked out!

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