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Sound Quality

Due to the EMG pickups,EQ system and graphite neck, this bass has a very defined "hi-fi" sound but there's quite a bit of tonal variety available. Modulus also offers Bartolini and Lane Poor pickups as an option. I personally like EMG's and I've always been pleased with their performance. The bass is dead quiet. I've played this bass through both my all-tube Ampeg SVT stack and my G-K head/SWR cabinet rig,it's tone is consistently bright and defined. It can cut like a razor or be very smooth. It may not be the best choice for gigs that require a retro P-Bass tone, but it's tone is unique and with some amp tweaking, who knows. This bass is an excellent choice for both studio and stage. Complaints Dept: For a bass this price I expect sheilding(I know it's not a necessity due to the fact EMG's are internally sheilded, but still), threaded brass inserts for the electronics cavity and a separate battery compartment. This bass is lacking all three.


No straplocks, go figure! Everything else is choice. The finish is tough and everything seems very solid, no worries. Due to the fact this bass is active, I take a backup just in case of battery failure. But even on gigs where I'm using a passive bass, I bring a backup. You never know when something could fail. The show must go on!

General Comments

I've been playing for 27 years. I've always liked the Quantum's comfortable neck and unique tone. I found a killer deal on this bass. I was quite content with my Spector NS-4CRFM, but having passed on a great deal on a Q-4 some years back, I was'nt about to pass on this one. I own many different basses including Alembic, Rickenbacker, Spector, Fender, Warmoth, and EB MusicMan basses. This bass has a sound and feel like no other bass I own. It's become my main stage bass. I would certainly replace it if were lost or stolen.

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