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Sound Quality

Good in a word, but the main point of this review is to enlighten people to the fact you can tweak plastic screws inside of the flanger, find the bit marked resonance and tweak it and you will find sounds you have not heard, increase it too much and you'll just get wild feedback, this must be the case with one of the reviewers who said this was happening, ther are two other plastic tweakables I think one does gain; anyway I've had fun experimenting, I stupidly didn't remember the original settings when I first started tampering, so the bf2 stayed "broken" "out of control sounding" on a shelf for a while, but today I fiddled with it to get it back to its original state, the results are that it doesn't sound like it did from the box, it sounds better: I can now get this cool sitar effect as well as the good flange, wild vibrato, chorus sounds, it doesn't add any gain when its on and the bass stays the same. all in all I recommend that you also fiddle with the bf2 if it sounds a bit tame and you can customize your pedal. I'll give it a 8 for its bossness; mxr,ehx good analog flangers are always going to sound best


I trust this pedal, I tell it everything about myself,

General Comments

8 on a 10 scale, which is good enough for anybody

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