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Sound Quality

I use Gibson Nighthawk and LP Gothic and for amps I have a Marshall Valvestate 100 and a JCM2000 DSL100. I used to plug into the input of both amps, but never achieved a decent low. So I decided to use both 2101 outputs into the Valvestate input (using the tube channel - its clean channel is the worst amp sound I've ever heard) AND into fx return (which gives me more bass) and mix'em. But this setup isn´t possible on the JCM, and I think plugging it into the input made it sounds thin. But plugging it as a real preamp worked great, after I tweaked the global EQ (great thing when you change amps). High gain patches are noisy, but very usable. Clean effects are great, I use tubes for every clean sound. Well, wah sounds stinks (everyone said that), but if you creat some weird chains it can produce abnormal sounds (for real wah sounds I have a Cry Baby). The pitch is too slow, but I don't use it anyway. And the best thing about this box is the assigning of the foot controler - 10 parameters at the same time! It makes me crazy - for example, I turn the gain down, increase compression, adjust 3 EQ frequencies, volume output, chorus and delay outputs at the same time - IE, two completely different patches smoothly changing when you bring the pedal up/down... amazing, if you have the skills/paciency to program it...


Well, I had 3 other DigiTech before this one, and 2 of them broke down... DigiTech products seem to be too sensible to AC variation (in Brazil it occurs a lot). Knowing that I never use it without an AC stabilizer, and for 6 years without a problem, I can't complain anymore. The foot controler however for three times went nuts. At the second time, the continuous pedal stopped responding. Well, it drives a LED up and down in front of a photo-electric cell. That LED needs power, and the wire that gives it power moves along the pedal. What happens when you twist the same wire for 6 years continually? Solder it back and you got it working again.

General Comments

Well, it is a great unit. I really depend on it. Benn playing for 20 years, and I don´t want to change it, although I was impressed by some new features of the 2120. And if I lost it, I would buy the new ones from Digitech.

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