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Sound Quality

If you are planning to by this amp for awesome metal distortion then DON'T. It needs shitloads more gain to even come close to a peavey or mesa head. I've fucked around with the limited settings for ages trying to get a better sound. It has a nice warm tone to it but it lacks clarity and definition. If you want to get a good metal sound you need to crank the gain to 20, and loose the mids but then it just turns to mud. No chance of hearing inidviduals notes in a chord clearly. I use it with an EL34-100/100. The clean sounds are nice, I give it that.


Never had a problem

General Comments

I've been playing for years. I've got a valestate 100wat combo amp which has a much better distorted sound (clear, lots of gain and good harmonics) unfortunately this doesn't come close.

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