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Sound Quality

sounds like a banjo, finger positions like a guitar. I've been a guitar picker for 30+ years and this tool is fun for songs that would sound better on a banjo. The low E does not project as well as the higher voiced strings but what the hell!?


Heres where it gets UGLY. I can not keep it in tune with its self. Pull one string sharp the rest go flat and vice-versa. Put the slightest pressure on the neck either way and again you get all 6 strings sharp or flat. Extremly weak neck and neck joint! If you are ear sensative in regards to intonation this instrument will frustrate the hell out of you trying to tune it! Otherwise it seems solid and for the money a good try on their part. I could not use it live. Won't come close to tuning up and yes I do have the bridge set properly.

General Comments

Playing 30+ yrs. I new there were no returns - I just gambled I would enjoy it for the low price tag. I don't enjoy it. I need it to stay in reasonable tune and it will not. If I could afford one I would look at the Deering 6 string at 3 times the money.

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