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Sound Quality

I use it with my bass guitar (pedulla) and a bass amp (swr)and yes some of the patches are relatively noisy. I would say that the effects are pretty good (remember, I'm a bass player). My guess is that this unit would be a great toy for a guitar player but as a bass player who doesn't really care for alot of this stuff, it's kind of useless to me... however, since I got it for nothing, I think I will be hanging on to it at least until I get bored with it.


I will probably never use this thing on a gig.

General Comments

I play a variety of music and have been playing for over 25 years, this item is of no use to me but will keep it anyway. Would I recommend it to anybody else...Absoluetly, if you are looking for an effects processor for a guitar and you can get it cheap.. go for it!

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