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Sound Quality

I'm running one of several guitars through the GSP-5, then into an Ibanez (I know you laugh, but it is a great pedal) EC-30 compressor with Hush, then into a Digitech GFX-1, then into a Rocktron Intellifex LTD. I have an ART X-11 foot controller which works with either the GFX or the GSP perfectly. Without the Comp/Hush pedal, this unit would be REAL noisy on any of the distortion settings. However, with the Hush in the chain it is very sweet. The GFX-1 doesn't do radical distortions real well and neither does the GSP-5, but when chained this way you can get some amazing stuff out of the combo - they compliment one another VERY well indeed. I'm not really a fan of the death metal sound, so I can't vouch for it for that kind of use, but the tone is excellent for what I'm doing and the variability is also excellent. It creates a really wide range of different tones if used in the right way. The chorus is surprisingly nice. I wasn't buying it for that really, but I've been very surprised at just how good the chorus and delay are. The reverb is nice, too. Really, other than the noisiness, this is a steal. For what I paid it is a joke. Yeah, I'd buy it again for that price in a heartbeat. The delays can be up to 1.8 seconds I think - way more than I need anyway. There is also a 4 tap delay... I don't try to emulate other guitarists. I've been playing for almost 25 years, though not professionally. I mess with Synths a lot these days in my budget home studio, but once in a while I feel like hitting the guitar with some noise (or some nice chorus). So, even though I'm not a great player, I have a pretty good ear for tone. What I hear from this little rack unit is very nice indeed. Combined with the GFX-1 it is REALLY nice. I'm running my signal from my setup to a mixer directly and the sound that comes out the other end is just really, really punchy and defined. For the money it would be impossible not to find something useful in this box. Just have to have the hush pedal - definitely. Also, have noticed that the GSP-5 to GFX-1 tends to feed back with some guitars at volume with some patch combinations. For the money it's probably a 10, but relative to other stuff, it isn't that versatile. If you want the full flexibility of the new pedal boards - don't get this. Still, the tone is really, really nice. It sounds very respectable and professional. The warmth and punch make it stand out real clearly. You do have to set the input and output levels very carefully as this influences the tone a LOT! Same for the GFX. If these are set wrong - you will get mush. Set right they will shred amazingly well. I wouldn't use it as my only effect, but in the chain it is excellent. Very sweet chorus... Lush and warm. I don't use flange much, but it's there.


Don't gig, but it's still working great and it's how old? I don't expect it to live forever, but it's going strong right now and it's seen some road use I suspect.


General Comments

I play a lot of different stuff. Started out with classical as a teenager, now and then I play rock type stuff or just experimental. Depends a lot on my mood. 25 years or so playing... The noise is a nuisance, but the tone is great. Does a really nice crunch with the GFX. It's warm and well defined. Some hiss even on clean settings. Get a Hush pedal. I haven't played tons of gear. I tend to get something I like and stick to it. This was an impulse purchase. The price was something that wouldn't hurt the bank and I wanted to boost the GFX a bit - really nice indeed. For a budget piece - no way to lose. If you are a purist, get something else - this isn't a studio clean perfect state of the art FX box. If it was, at this price you'd never see one for sale. But, for a cover band doing rock - works great. Remember, the input and output settings are critical. If it sounds like crap - those are probably set wrong for what you are doing. I don't know what kind of distortion some of these other reviewers are after, but it seems to work great in my rig. Great variety and very tweakable. If I want pristine sound, I don't use an electric guitar. I use my classical or my synths. For me electric guitars sound best with some character. This box has character. I've heard a LOT worse (Hello Zoom...). The character of your guitar will not get lost in this FX box. It is absolutely clear which guitar I'm using through this machine. I've got an old Harmony Les Paul copy which has a real distinctive tone and it isn't lost here. It still comes out with that special tone. For me, a lot of the newer guitar effects are too sterile. No depth to them. This one isn't like that at all. Warm and a bit rough at the edges. For the price - unbelievable.

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