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Sound Quality

I use a Strat through a ( 60ies ) Ampeg Reverberocket and a Silvertone Twin Twelve. I love this thing. It can get thick as mud, or you can just add a little bite to your sound. After reading the other reviews I realize I should experiment more with just the compressor. I love cheap pedals because of their gritty and cheesy sounds but this actually has a pretty nice vintage-y sound to it. I was hoping for some tooth-gritting, nerve grinding chainsaw fuzz/distortion when I bought this, and you actually can't really get that out of this pedal.


I've had no problems but then I don't abuse my gear and these days I mostly just record and don't gig that often. If you hit it with a hammer it will certainly break! I'm sure there's sturdier stuff out there but for a cheap pedal what do you expect?

General Comments

I bought this on sale in a local music store for $15. I've certainly more than gotten my money's worth! I forgot to mention I also use this in my recording chain for grit and effect. I've used it on drummachines, vocals and synths. It works great for that too. Buy one! Cheap pedals rule! Cheap equipment rules period! Don't fall for all the sales hype and max yourself out for some fancy schmancy overpriced piece of crap that does everything except make coffee and sounds like dirt! Nothing like a cheap piece of equipment to bring out your creativity and make you sound like nobody else! ( Now it's time for me to take my medicine )

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