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Sound Quality

OK sounding flanger. I'm not too big on flanger, but it did its job. I played this through either a Boss DS-1 or an 80s ProCo Rat. It sounded pretty good with them. The only problem was that this pedal was noisy, even with humbuckers (mustang w/ JB jr). The flange is definately NOT weak; however, it was a bit too much. No matter how I adjusted the level, the flange seemed to overpower my sound when I didnt want it to.


An atmoic bomb could go off and all that would be left would be everyones' Boss pedals and roaches.

General Comments

If you're looking for a pretty good flanger, this is fine. I got this one cause it was fairly cheap. I sold this pedal months ago, because it ended up collecting dust. If someone had stole it (or if I wanted another flange), I'd probably look at some other companies like Electro-Harmonix or MXR.

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