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Sound Quality

I play a strat- many styles of music, mostly CCM and Worship- but also blues and rock. Great sound- crystal clear to down-and-dirty and all points in between. Since I play at church, I spend more time playing clean w/ some reverb. Sounds fab.- almost Fender-like. (I've always wanted a Bassman or a twin.) I use the drive channel for punch and a little grit for soloing- especially for bluesy/gospel stuff. Really nice. Sometimes, when the old folks ain't around, I run her full bore for the youth group. She really can scream!


This amp REALLY NEEDS PROTECTION FOR THE TUBES!!!!!!!!! That is the only design flaw. Broken tubes are a pain in the keester!

General Comments

If this were lost or stolen and I had the same budget- I'd buy another in a heartbeat. Used ones can be had cheap- and I've found nothing in the price range that compares!

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