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Sound Quality

I use a 2004 Deluxe Fender Strat and a mid 80's Kramer Baretta. The Strat has stock SCN single coils and the Barreta has a JB humbucker. I have a Lexicon MPX 550 and a Behringer Ultrafex Pro running through the effects loop of the JMP-1 to add a touch of chorus, delay and presence. The unit produces very typical Marshall sounds. It is very responsive and punchy and "big" sounding on all channels and really picks up the dynamics of your playing. The OD1 channel is a typical mid 80's type of tone and is great for crunchy Rhythm, OD2 gives a smoother more modern sound with bags of sustain and is good for solos. The clean channels (CL1 and CL2)have plenty of headroom and sound great when you add in a touch of reverb and chorus (with external FX); don't expect the clean channels to sound like a lovelly warm sounding high end Fender tube amp. If you want to cover all the classic Marshall rock sounds from early 70's to the present day then you won't be too dissapointed I think. I generally like 80's and early 90's (pre grunge) hard rock tones and you will be able to cover all the bases with this unit if thats your thing. If you want to make horrendous "nu metal" tones I suggest you get a very cheap transistor amp leave it in a tank of water overnight and then when its dried off buy a nasty japanese guitar with cheap humbuckers, drop tune it and route it to the amp through various distortion and phaser pedals.


Can't say only had it 2 weeks.

General Comments

I think this is a good quality Pre-Amp that is particulalrly good for direct recording. It produces the full range of classic Marshall tones. I would buy a replacement if it was stolen. I looked at products from Rocktron before buying this but decided that it met my needs better. Although I am sure the Boogie Triaxis is a fine piece of kit and might potentially cover more sounds and offer greater flexibility I just can't see why its more than four times the price (UK street pricing); I do read a lot of reviews where guys appear to be convincing themselves that the thousands of dollars that they spent on their Triaxis was well worth it?

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