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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This amp Is used with a RiC 360, Fender Toronado w/ P90 P'ups, Schecter C/SH-1, Strat Hwy 1, and Gibson LP Studio. It works well with all, playing alone in practice most of the presets sound great, but like most transistor or hybrid amps, its sorta like driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission... You lose overall control of things. Example, compared to my all tube stuff, distortion due to varying levels of pick attack are subdued, not non-existant, but crippled compared to what I get with my Ampeg Reverberocket or Fender Twin and Vibrolux Re-issue. Not a show-stopper, but something to consider if you are a guitar player with a predilection to needing ultimate control over your tonality. This aside, I have to say I enjoy this amp's versitility since I need not carry a ton of stomp boxes to provide different voices.


I can't comment at this point, but build quality seems exemplary.

General Comments

I purchased this particular amp based on press it has received and the fact I am sick to death of lugging around heavy tube-based stuff ( those damn transformers weigh a lot !!). if lost, I would probably get another, but as far as playing a serious gig, this would end up as a back-up unit to my tube driven stuff. I guess I am somewhat of a control freak... Don't take these comments as a negative review to a decent amp, its just that my age I have grown up with all-tube {censored} and have not quite learned to out things into solid-state "auto-pilot".

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