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Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez Talman TC420 with a small Crate practice amp. Still sounds great through a crappy amp! Very easy to control the noise on this thing. As for the effects...they are the greatest. The presets have a lot of famous "name" sounds...such as bizkit, metallica, etc. and it's very easy for you to tweak them and edit them to your liking. All of the effects sound great.


I have only played with it for about six hours. But with a sturdy all metal casing, I have no doubts about it. Planning on gigging with it in a couple of days...

General Comments

I play a variety of music in a church band. We play everything from blues to heavy metal and this unit is great at getting every sound. If it was stolen, I'd definitely buy it again. I love everything about this thing. I've compared it with the Boss GT-3, and this unit sounds much better. The GT-3 sounds was too cheesy for me. Recommend to all.

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