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Sound Quality

Back when I bought it, I was into the "Big Hair Bands"of the '80's. This was before the days of Nirvana. Everyone, regardless of the gear they used, sounded exactly the same.I used it with a Fender solid state amp and a variety of guitars by Ibanez, Washburn, and Fender.The sound is very transistorized, not natural at all. After getting used to the presets, they begin to just about sound the same, tone-wise.If you're looking for a natural, organic sound in your rig that accentuates all the subtle little nuances of your playing, don't waste your time with this rack.


Has held up very well. Never had the first problem with it.

General Comments

Again, it would be good for beginners, but that's all. If you are thinking about playing in front of people, please look elsewhere.

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