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Sound Quality

No matter what you use(pick-ups/guitar/EQ-outboard/Inboard...I'm Bored!)This unit is NOT worth the $ marshall wants or what the users who are selling em for on H/C. This thing hisses like an arab on crack!It is Noisy and very annoying in any high gain setting.Shrill,Thin,and very "hissy".Sounds like a Desert Sandstorm. The ONLY thing brutal is Marshalls attempt to make this thing sound real.(in answer to the silly question from the review questionaire.)


I depend on Myself to play good....you CANT get thru a gig with this unit unless you are tone deaf. Marshall is a Joke nowadays,and I defy ANYONE to give me a REAL world scenario in which they aren't.

General Comments

I will NEVER buy another Marshall product...I'm ashamed to even putmy name in print for this review.

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