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Sound Quality

1975 Music Man 210. I run a 1974 Gibson SG and 1993 Strat Ultra (the SWEETEST axe you can imagine - the natural tones are more varied than the RP-1 - OK I'm biased). Occassionally, I run it through a Peavy Minx 110 that is held hostage in my basement. No noise concerns. I like most of the effects - especially the delays, chorus, flange, reverbs. Compression is timid. Distortions are loose and muddy in the tube amp and are tight and mean in a solid state amp. Volue settings are wacko - what the heck are those factory guys doing? That's probably my biggest complaint - and why they now have a volume pedal. The thing goes from a whisper to vesuvius between presets - or worse just when you enage distortion on some presets. In other presets - you hit the switch to play a solo and its so quite - you disappear. I tried to go through and level the volumes on all the presets so it was consistent and it was a royal pain - a setting of say, "8" isn't the same decible level as an "8" on another preset. Its so frustrating, I am currently looking to upgrade.


Never had any problem with it all. Gets pretty hot - but that has never affected its performance. No LED problems that I've read about here.

General Comments

I play lost of styles - rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, space jams, finger-picking and "go away and let me wail". It works well across all of those platforms - but the presets are heavily biased towards paint peeling aggression. Playing for almost 30 years! AAAAAAAAh! I have some old beater stomp boxes that have left the planet at this stage - most of my attention is on the axe lineup which includes severl acoustics, a Yamaha APX-10 (very cool) and an Ibanez beass that followed me home one day. If it were stolen - would definitely buy something else - but possibly one of its descendants. Love the color effects, HATE the volume system. Wish it had an expression pedal. When I bought it, all that was around were some plastic KORG thingies - nothing touched it. I played through it - loved the sounds - it solved the problem of trying to figure out which separate boxes to get, mini-cords, 9 volt battery hell. It helps make music - but I've outgrown it - I need something I can tweak on the fly (live), and do so faster and with greater ease and surety.

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