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Sound Quality

I run the JMP-1 through a Marshall Valvestate 8008 Amp and use a Peavey Deltafex Twin for effects. The main guitar used is a Epiphone Les Paul Standard fitted with Seymour Duncan pick-ups. This is sent to a Marshall 4x12 Cab. I was seeking a Gary Moore sound when I went for this set-up and I am in heaven now. I can recreate his sound perfectly. The 4x12 Cab is essential for this. The unit does a fairly good job on the clean settings but it is more for distortion than anything.


The unit can be depended upon under any conditions. It is advisable to use a fairly good rack case to protect your investment.

General Comments

I have been plating guitar for 3 years and I have several pedals and various effects units. I also love Rockman equipment as I love the old Boston tunes. I could find nothing that fit the bill for my desired tone(s) like the JMP-1 though. Again, it is essential that you run this untit through some decent speakers. I would search the world for another one if ever kicks out or is stolen.

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