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Sound Quality

I primarily use this when playing through the clean channel of my Hot Rod Deville 212 with the second tone knob on my strat turned down (Van Zandt Blues pickups!) and I get a nice Wes Montgomery octave effect; this pedal provides just one basic lower octave effect but it provides a little more weight and depth to your solos, almost as if you're being accompanied by a baritone guitar. I find it fantastic for adding color to standard jazz lines and even though I never intended to use this pedal all of the time, I find that I do! In conjunction with other pedals, including my Snarling Dogs Fuzz Buzz, the DOD Classic Tube(a complemetary pedal that provides a great sustain-albeit a bit muddy), a Snarling Dogs wah,delay, flange and phaser effects, this pedal can provide an extra edge even when you're going way out and trying for some far out tones. I find that it really adds girth to everything that I do. I ultiamtely chose this pedal after playing through a lot of other octave pedals because it subtly provides depth to your sound. The Boss OC 2 seems to make your guitar sound like some sort of organ. The Harmonist does a nice job but it's so damn expensive and now completely discontinued. For a basic clean octave pedal this was it for me. The better the amp and the better the pickups the more you'll get out of this.I've played it through my Deville, and a Fender Princeton and I get what I need. I've grown to really appreciate what this pedal adds to my jazz leads. I get to keep my original voice and just add a little depth to it at the same time. One draw back is that it doesn't always sound so great for chords, and doesn't track nearly as well as it does with single note soloing or arpeggiated finger picking. Beware, there is a bit of warbling over chords. For that reason and that reason alone I'm only giving this pedal an 8. But I've heard so much bad stuff about the DOD effects and I'm currently using three of them (Octoplus, Classic Tube, Flanger) that I don't think I'd ever give up and were certainly worth the money.


The only difficulty with these DOD effects is that the battery covers are always coming off. I haven't lost this one yet but it is coming loose. I bought this used and it's been through a few wars and yet the DOD casing seems to properly insulate the circuit board. No problems with input or output jacks either. Funny, but I didn't pay that much for this bad boy and the connections on all my DOD pedals are great. The only pedal that gives me trouble in terms of input and output jacks is my Boss Pitch Shifter / Delay which i only use for Delay these days.

General Comments

This has been a great match for the standard jazz that I play. I get a fine Wes Montgomery thing going with it that subtly sets my leads apart from the crowd. The sound really inspires me into a traditional, swinging mode of phrasing. When I want to rock out and dip into the Hendrix/Beck sides of my musical personality I have found that if you play around with certain combinations to get something really wild and original from a variety of stompboxes, you can get that from this box. I've given up limiting what I can do with it and found that it can add depth to my wah sound or even my fuzz. I have yet to find a combination that sounds really bad.

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