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Sound Quality

I've had this unit for just over a year and run it through a Marshall 8008 power amp, the return socket of a Laney AOR 50 head (2xEL34), the return of a Laney AOR 30 (2x6V6), a Marshall 1922 with one stock speaker and one Vintage 30 and the return of a Valvestate VS65R. Whatever the setup, the amp will give various degrees of fuzz, but it doesn't sound, feel or respond like a valve amp. The clean channels are flat and sterile, and at no time will this unit make your strings sing and bounce. It does not articulate well, and does not give the player a sense of relaxation. Play this and then plug into a Marshall JCM 900 or Laney AOR50 and see how good a British valve amp can sound. Valve/silicon hybrid is not the problem either - Marshall got it right with the Valvestate range; shame they didn't apply similar technique to this. Despite its fuzz tones, this amp is no good for blues - it will not do subtle breakup.


It's solid and reliable.

General Comments

Get a 50-watt head and cab.

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