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Sound Quality

Pretty good. There's no fuzz or unwanted distortion I got with this. It has a nice wah sound, not as good as a Crybaby but very good. I usually only use this pedal for it's volume, which is what I love about this. I'm using it with a Champion 30 amp and multiple guitars. I play a lot of grunge and classic rock, and this things let's you move from a low rythym volume to a loud, lead guitar easy as hell. When playing "sliver", I just let that sucker ring and come right in. I don't use Wah that much, so you'll have to talk to someone else to really learn about this pedal's wah capabilities.


This is a tank. When I'm playing in the garaga and tossing this guy on the ground, or when I'm playing at a gig and being stepped on, it holds up. I don't usually play with a backup guitarist on gigs, and this thing works fine.

General Comments

With my grunge, classic rock, and all of that, this pedal works fine. Even when I play clean guitar, it sound perfect. If it were stolen, I'd steal it back, especially since I got about $50 offf the price of mine, and I wouldn't pay too much for a simple volume/wah pedal like this. Don't get me wrong, if I had enough money, I'd buy one as soon as it was stolen. I haven't had a chance to compare it with other wah pedals besides the crybaby, and the volume sounds the same as every volume pedal I've heard, only with a little less fizz than a couple. I wish the AC was regualr female ended and was somewhere no so close to the input plug, but I've worked around it. It helps me play any type of music I need it with and help elimintae some of the fuzz I get by turning by Champion 30 up too much. If you've got the money and you want a reliable wah/volume pedal, definatly get this.

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