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Sound Quality

Washburn for very Heavy metal and a DeArmond for blues is what I use with this amp. A second level practice amp. Nice clean channel to put a BOSS OverDrive that will take this amp to sound like a 60 watt amp and Override the distortion and the gain to get better sound. Digitech for the effects of all kind will boost the effects such as chorus and reverb. Didn't expect a 30 watt amp to have great effects built in so the reverb and the chorus was a add-on and it was a nice touch. Distortion is ok but not brutal. I let my BOSS Overdrive and Digitech take care of the distortion on the clean channel. Reverb is great for a small amp. Chorus need some extra work.


No problems with the amp. Solid build. Why use a 30 watt for a gig? Maybe a garage gig.

General Comments

Playin about 4 years. This was an upgrade from the small amps of the past with no reverb, no chorus and no footswitch.


If lost or stolen would buy a bigger amp.


For a 30 watt practice amp, this is pretty loud and has a nice reverb and the chorus is weat but not bad at all.

You can soup up the effects with effect boxes and amp modelers these days...no problem.


The channel switches are small plastic buttons the size of a booger...this sucks but luckily the footswith is included :)


Compared with other amps several years ago, this one had the nice reverb and a chorus and was pretty loud at this price range... but these days there are prolly better amps out there at this price.


Like the new Crate GFX-60 and the VOX.


This amp may be not a tube but it sound like a tube at certain settings and the clean channel is very brite. I


It is not a marshall no way but definitely not a bad amp for practice and personal enjoyment. I recommend it for beginner/intermediate players who use it to practice/play at home.



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