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Sound Quality

I am using it through the fx loop of a Marshall JCM900. I use it mostly for delay and reverb for my lead tone. I don't really use all the MIDI functions or presets, I have one preset I created for my lead tone and I have a single button footswitch to turn it on/off. So I'm using it pretty much like a glorified stompbox but with the advantage that I can keep my audio cables short (in the back of my rig). Eventually, I may explore it more and create a few more presets, get a MIDI controller etc, but there is no need for all that right now. The sound quality is really good, , the unit is really transparent, I did some A/B tests with the unit connected to the loop and bypassed againt the amp without anything connected to it and the tone is exactly the same, no coloration. But in order to achieve that it is important you match the in/out levels correctly (for unity gain). The delay and reverb sound great, really lush and warm, and the modulation section is fine too although it sounds a little too 80's-ish. My main preset has reverb, delay and a touch of chorus and it really makes the solos stand out.


Reliability is the strongest point here, the unit is a tank and has been use for many years without a glitch. Mine was made in the USA in 1989 and never needed any service.

General Comments

It is a great unit for guitar, specially for delays and reverbs. For modulation effects or anything more complex, I guess a more modern unit would be better.

But it can be bought for a very low price these days and it sounds great. My main tone is basically a Les Paul through a Marshall and I use this just to add something extra for solos, it's perfect for that type of application. I bought it because I was tired of running long cables from my fx loop to my time and pitch based stompboxes. Now I only have a wha and a boost between my guitar and amp and all the other cables stay in the back of my rack. It made my life much easier. I use a generic single button footswitch to turn it on/off onstage but that's out of the audio patch.

For the prices these units are going for these days, you can't beat it, heck you can pay more for a single fx pedal that won't necessarily sound any better. With this unit you have a lot more flexibility, specially if you go the whole nine yards with the MIDI functions etc, but even as a simple on/off etc it is hard to beat.

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