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Sound Quality

I would plug in my Jackson DX-2 into the RP-10 out to a Peavy Backstage amp. The sound is excellent with a clean tone mixed with effects. The solid state distortion is good with loads of gain. It gives an excellent "White Zombie" tone with it cranked up all the way. Crackles and pops when you turn up to many effects and overloads the S-DISC Processor. Wide range of sounds you can get, from a Joe Satriani clean, to a massive Cannibal Corpse crunch.


The output level dial fell off and I lost it. Makes it kinda annoying to adjust the volume after losing it. Spilled some coke on one of the switches, made the switch stick a little. The power cord can easily come out sometimes, so I tape it down.

General Comments

This is a good processor if you want a wide range of sounds and effects. It's all packed into a small unit. It's great for the studio but not for live gigs. To really diversify your tone, the RP-10 the job.

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