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brandt nyburg

Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Sound wise this guitar is great. I am using a Carvin V3 head, and Legacy cab with vintage 30's. Its not noisy at all. Sometimes at high volume the bridge position pickup will hum. The sound could be a bit brighter when playing clean, but this is a problem i have noticed with all 7 strings, even the Ibanez Universe. The middle position gives it a nice, almost david gilmour sort of twang, but the volume is significantly decreased. The Piezo is very bright and has a set of mixing screws in the back of the guitar to adjust treble bass and mix. I am satisfied with the sounds this guitar produces. The only drawback is for those of you who like to adjust your pickups. There are no springs, the pickups are screwed right into the body.


This guitar is very durable, and will probably last longer than any guitar i have played, once i fix the nut. The hardware is sturdy, the finish will last forever, and doesnt chip easily, i dropped this guitar on a concrete floor and didnt even scratch it. I replaced the strap buttons with strap locks. The stock ones are great though. The screw holes are even smaller than the screws for strap locks (dimarzio clip strap) and so they are held really good and sturdy. The overall construction is very solid. I would NEVER suggest playing a show without a backup because you just never know whats going to happen. But if forced to, yes i would use it alone.


General Comments

I have been playing 17 years, and have played everything. I think the only thing to make this guitar better is moving up to the ball family reserve guitars but they are SPENDY at around 3500 dollars. If it were stolen i would track the people down and chop off there hands.. haha but seriously i would buy another. I love everything about this guitar, except the minor defects. The best feature is the tremelo, it has locking tuners, but no locking nut, you can wank on this trem for hours and never go out of tune. Even the Ibanez JEM cant do that. I compared this guitar to many just by reviews. I never played one before i bought it, but from reviews i read, and from trying other guitars i was confident that it would be perfect and it has been. The only thing i wish it had was two volume knobs for the pickups and even a single coil would be great. Honestly you pay a lot more to other companies for guitars this nice.

Reviewer's Background

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