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Sound Quality

This thing is the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard. I bought this pedal 9 years ago. At the time I was 12 years old and didn't know shit about shit. When I bought it I was playing through a home made guitar and a ten watt ross combo. Since then, I have aquired a yamaha pacifica 312 and a G&L Invader. As for amps, I have had a Peavey VTM 60 half stack for about 6 years. However I just traded my head in three days ago and orderd a peavey XXX. As for the pedal, it just seems that the older I get, the the more horrible it sounds. It was cheap so it gets a 2.


This is one thing I will give dod credit for. This thing is indestructable. I've always been quite rough with my gear (this is why I bought the yamaha guitar, because I treat my G&L with more care than most parents woulg give thier infant child) Anyways, this pedal can really take a beating. Infact, I lost this pedal during my last year of elementary school, and found it 2 years later in the lost and found at my high school. You could tell that it took a round trip to hell during the two years. However, my initals were still printed on the bottom with permanent marker, and the pedal still worked perfect.(and still does to this day)

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for 12 years now and am no longer in a band. Now I play for my own pleasure. This pedal would be perfect except for one tiny flaw, I'd rather hear a cow get slaughtered than listen to this thing. If it were stolen, I would not care about the pedal but I would still beat every ounce of {censored} out of the asshole that stole it. Not because he took the pedal, but because he stole MY prperty.

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