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Sound Quality

I'm running this with a Crate GTX 100, guitars are Strat, S.G., ES 335. The key to this pedal is to run it through the effects loop, if you have one on your amp. It still is a little noisy, but it does the job. I have it on pretty much all the time. I use it to scoop the mids a little. Like I said it does the job. My chain is simply, dunlop WAH, Envelope Filter, Boss BD-2, Digitech Digidelay. I run the chorus and E.Q. through the effects loop. Ive moved them all around and this is what works for me. This pedal does exactly what I wanted it to do, nothing more.


It's a Boss

General Comments

This pedal works for me. I play a jazz, blues, country thing so my sound is always evolving. I've been playing a long time and have always had an E.Q. in the loop, it doesn't mess with the other effects if you keep in the effects loop. If it were stolen I'd replace it.

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