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Sound Quality

This is kinda funny...I have a Profile PLus (whatever company that is! I've never heard of em before) flanger i bought at a pawn shop, and the boss flanger. they have the exact same four knobs, and the profile flanger is almost exactly sounding, except its a bit better!! Thats all i need to say! But I will also note that there is a fair amount of background noise which i experience with most of my boss pedals and it just doesn't cut the sound hard enough with my amp cranked in overdrive to give me the sound i'm looking for, and i'm even one of those tone freak assholes! for a flanger and its price, its good for the average player. Maybe...


A freakin' tank!

General Comments

I sold it yesterday for twice as much as i bought it for. So take that whatever stupid {censored} bought it....*shivers*

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